The Reef

The Reef of Monterey Bay is the peninsula’s finest state-compliant shop. Located in the diverse and progressive city of Seaside, California, The Reef's goal is simple. Listen to and deliver on what the local community truly wants and needs. Inspired by the good people of the Central Coast, The Reef's ultimate goal is to educate and inspire both themselves and their clientele.

The staff's extensive knowledge is unparalleled. As such, they feel a deep responsibility to pass this knowledge on to their friends and neighbors. In addition to pledging to improve community safety and to beautify their local neighborhoods, staff at The Reef work hard at building a more innovative and inclusive community!

Why shop at The Reef?

Our highly-affordable price points on top-shelf products and brands are hard to beat.

Stop by and check out our daily deals.

Daily Deals:

  • Munchie MONDAYS: 10% off all edibles all day.
  • Tax Free TUESDAYS: we pay the state sales tax of your purchase.
  • Wellness WEDNESDAYS: 10% off all Wellness products.
  • Thirsty THURSDAYS: 10% off all beverages.
  • Kick Back FRIDAYS: spend $160 or more and automatically get $20 back.
  • Stay Lit SATURDAYS: get 15% off all 8ths and concentrates.
  • Saucy SUNDAYS: 10% off all concentrates and vapes.


Adult-use or Medical

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  • I am a bargain hunter for sure, I got a super deal and was wowed at the quality and potency of my flowers. Staff is awesome from the security guard, the two sweethearts at the front desk and especially the team in the back, thank you, you guys rock!
    Peter Goodweed
  • The Reef is my favorite D to hit-up when I'm in need of some fire flower. The genetics at this place are outstanding! Love the selection here.
    Miss Strainfetish
  • The Reef is one of Monterey peninsula's best shops by far. The storefront is open and inviting and the staff are super friendly and helpful. I truly enjoy coming to this shop as they have so many different products to choose from. They've got one of the best selections of flower on the peninsula.
    Tony Johnson

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